You can get a comprehensive report in which all the successes you have made during one year are attached, and you can also get with us designs for unique annual reports in which the current financial position of the company or institution is written, and customers can through the annual report also display all the products that you offer and can Present it also during the coming period, and if your company has an impact on certain people or a certain class of people, we can write that down in the design of an annual report in addition to that we can also synchronize the information and thus make it readable, and through your communication with us you will get a design Attractive reports that will attract the attention of everyone who sees them, and they will have a longing to see what is in this report, it is no longer a requirement that you have experience in designing reports, we will represent you and offer you this service.


Preparing and modifying content
We provide you with the service of preparing the content of the annual report in full, and we can make many amendments to the content, whether auditing or careful review of everything contained in the annual report.

Creative and professional design
We do not do a traditional annual report design, but rather we are looking for uniqueness and also looking for the report to be creative, attractive and attention-grabbing, and this is an essential task performed by the work team, which offers you to design professional annual reports.

Complete processing of the print copy
We can fully prepare the design and put the appropriate sizes for printing, and we also provide many important instructions that give you a good annual report design after the design work is completed and we enter the printing stage.

Prepare an electronic correspondence copy
We also offer you a ready-made design for electronic messaging, because we know very well the importance of using e-mail in communication between companies and some, or between companies and individuals. Correspondence is a basis for acquaintance and offering services,

Designing financial and scientific reports

Design a report for projects

Design an annual report for companies

Annual reports

  • Infographic design

  • Preparing and modifying content

  • Prepare an electronic correspondence copy

  • The work is delivered in PDF format, ready for printing

  • The cost of adding an extra page is 100 riyals

  • Covers design 350 SAR

SR 200

Design a video report

  • The duration of the video is from 30 to 60 seconds

  • Script writing

  • Audio commentary at an independent cost

  • 1080p high resolution

SR 2500

Portfolio annual reports


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