The design of the office identity for clients is inspired by the design of their own brand to be complementary to the logo and the activity is characterized by the appropriate commercial identity to present to customers, so we rely on several factors, including the quality of the commercial activity and the colors used in the logo, and the business identity usually contains the design of the stamp, the business card and correspondence paper And the design of receipts, exchange, invoices and folder in the inner pocket and large and small envelopes.


price identity


  • Three design ideas for the logo

  • Editing is open to the selected idea

  • ((Adjustment of color and font type))

  • Logo is delivered in PDF, Ai, JPEG and PNG format

SR 1500

Business identities

  • Design four logo ideas

  • Folder

  • Correspondence paper

  • personal cards

  • The envelopes have three sizes

  • Small note

  • Business Card

  • External board

  • Advertising Flyer

  • Stickers

  • Bonds

  • Seal

  • Twitter YouTube headers

  • Roll Up Stand

  • Duration of work is 7-10 days

SR 3500

Restaurant identity

  • Design four logo ideas

  • A4 double sided menu design

  • 4 wall poster

  • Two-sided card

  • Video of the content of the screens inside the restaurant

  • External panel design

  • Staff uniform design

  • Profile 6 pages two languages

  • The work is delivered in a print ready format

SR 5000

Portfolio identity

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