Online platforms and social media have now become one of the most important places where business owners can promote their businesses. Be it small, medium or large projects. E-marketing plays a very important role in promoting medium and small companies and introducing them to customers and in the business market. Where companies depend in their infancy and early stages on small budgets in advertising for their services and products; Because the cost of electronic marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing. Although the cost of e-marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing, it requires a lot of planning and effort in reaching the target audience, and knowing the preferences and interests of customers to reach the goals that have been set for work at the lowest possible costs. E-marketing and creating creative content on social media, in ways that make you reach the largest number of customers at the lowest possible costs through accurate studies, and by implementing the strategic plans that are developed, measuring and analyzing the results obtained, and using them in future campaigns. A successful marketing plan through specific and precise elements to ensure the definite success of electronic marketing campaigns, in a way that ensures reducing the costs spent on campaigns.

  • Determine the benefits and strengths of the products and services that we can provide to our clients.

  • Determine the exact audience we can target to market our products and services.

  • Take advantage of the distinguished offers or services offered by the company in winning potential customers.

  • Identify the market, competitors and their strength in the areas in which we can market our products or services.

  • Accurate work within a corporate budget to reach potential audiences.

  • Choosing the best online platform on which the audience we want to target is located; Some people can be targeted by e-mail directly, some of them you find on Facebook, others are active on Twitter and Instagram, and some can target them through search engines, and some can provide them with attractive content and reach it without paying huge sums to reach it.

  • Reaching clear, easy and measurable marketing plans to develop marketing campaigns and reduce the expenses we will pay in these campaigns; This is the most important thing in the field of marketing; Because it determines for us the extent of the success that our campaigns have achieved for us, and the extent of reaching the goals that were drawn in the marketing plans that have been developed, and it can open new horizons for us to get to know a new audience that we can know about our products and services.

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