Make your site the number 1 result in the search engines, get new customers searching for your services daily, and make sure that your good content that meets the standards of search engines builds a bridge of trust between your site and potential customers. Advertisement of sites is a process based first on controlling the site through the introduction of improvements, and measuring the results of those improvements. This process cannot take place without studying the results entered on the site and re-improving them and continuing with more of these improvements. Realize the importance of providing your website with specialized tools for measuring website advertising; Together, these tools serve the process of improving the website's publicity, and each tool helps with that in a certain amount, and in its entirety it constitutes the final result, which is the appearance of the site’s first search results in the search engines. Most of the website visitors come through the search engine “Google” if your site does not appear in First search pages under targeted search keywords you lose hundreds of leads daily.


Because over the past years we have provided many website improvement services on search engines that have helped many institutions and companies in:

Brand promotion:

We have an advanced online system, EgaleEye, to improve the image and location of your brand on the Internet and relate it to the minds of the public.

Increase website visits:

If your site traffic is weak, our plans will significantly multiply your traffic.

Increase your leads:

If you own an online store, then there is no substitute for you to subscribe with us in one of the e-marketing plans that our team will offer you to reach the largest possible number of potential customers who are interested in your business.

Increase Sales:

Statistics say that the success of any product is 40% of the project budget, so you get more sales for your business.

Offering advice and suggestions:

A team of technical experts with experience in website archiving and digital marketing are ready to serve you, and to provide direct consultations for the success of your commercial product.

Continuous support:

We serve you and provide consulting service for free, even if the plan ends, because your success is our success.

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Search engine archiving

SR 3800

  • Search engine optimization and archiving

  • Publish in all search engines in a professional manner

  • Posted in all custom directories

  • Writing compatible SEO content

  • Website quality control

  • The duration of the campaign is three months

  • Raise the backlink ranking

  • Raise the Range Pak

  • Improve your search engine visibility

  • Ensure advanced search engine ranking

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